Day: 4 Οκτωβρίου, 2023

Masjid Appeal for our Muslim community in Greece. We need your support

For the past two years we have been without a place of worship for our community. A special community made up of Greeks who converted to Islam and Greek speakers in general.

In all honesty, ever since our Masjid closed, I had told myself that I would never again take action to have a Masjid and that we would focus solely on the dawah part and our website.

But our community, in the two years since our place of worship closed, has grown significantly, in numbers that, to tell you the truth, even I didn’t expect. People are continually asking for a place of worship that features our creed (Ahl Sunnah/Salafi), as well as becoming a focal point for the community.

For this reason and many others like it, the decision has been made to have a Masjid that will characterize our community, our creed and serve as a point of reference.